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What Happens When I Purchase An eBook From Christian Bits?

Soon after you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email from our eBook supply partner (Gardners Books).

This will contain a link which you must click on to download your purchased eBook.

Please note that eBooks, once purchased, cannot be returned or refunded.

What Format Are My eBooks Stored In?

The eBooks that we sell are stored in either PDF or ePUB format. They are digitally protected files, to prevent piracy.

Only you, as the purchaser, can read them.

First Step - Registering As An Adobe Digital Editions User And Obtaining An ID

To licence yourself to read our eBooks on any device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, etc),

you must register yourself as an Adobe Digital Editions user.

You do this by installing a free software program called Adobe Digital Editions on a PC or Mac.

Adobe Digital Editions can be downloaded free from:

When you first run Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to register and choose a login ID and password.

How Do I Open My eBook On A Windows Or Mac Computer?

After you have successfully installed and tested Adobe Digital Editions,

download the ebook using the link that has been sent to you.

It should "open with" Adobe Digital Editions, where the book can then be read.

Note for Mac users: the link will not always open Adobe Digital Editions automatically -

Sometimes you need to go to the Downloads folder of your Mac, and click on the link file to make it happen.

The link file will have a name something like "URLLink-1.acsm", "URLLink-2.acsm" etc.

How Do I Open My eBook On An iPad or iPhone?

We recommend a free iPad/iPhone app called Bluefire Reader, which you can download from the Apple App Store.

Install Bluefire Reader on your iPad/iPhone and run it.

You will need to tell Bluefire your Adobe Digital Editions login ID and password (see above).

On the iPad/iPhone, open the email that we sent you, and open the attachment (.acsm) file.

(Depending on how old your device is, you may need to hold your finger down on the link and choose "open with...")

Choose Bluefire as the program to open it with. Your ebook will be downloaded and will open in the Bluefire reader.

How Do I Open My eBook On A Kindle?

Unfortunately, Kindle uses its own format, which is not compatible with the eBooks we sell.

How Do I Open My eBook On Other eBook Readers (eg. Sony eReader, Kobo etc)?

The Adobe Digital Editions program can be used to copy your eBooks from your computer to your eBook Reader device.

You must open the file with Adobe Digital Editions first, either on a PC (preferred) or a Mac (see the instructions above).

Once you can read the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions, it is ready to be transferred to your eBook reader device.

Run Adobe Digital Editions, and connect your eBook Reader to your computer with your normal cable.

Adobe Digital Editions will recognise that you have plugged in a device, and allow you to copy your files across to it.




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