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7 Words On Marriage PB - Millico Ivano

7 Words On Marriage PB - Millico Ivano
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Product Code:  9781784695583
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Here are seven life-giving words to shed light on your marriage, in whatever state it may be. Drawing from the marriage promises, married couples in Scripture, and from the inspirational and practical insights of Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II, we discover that the Loving God is a constant presence binding the couple together. Our job is to discover it. Every marriage is different yet the same: in its joys and sorrows, peaks and troughs, successes and darkest failures. These words - on accepting the other person, seeing God's providence in our spouse, learning forgiveness, making love so as to strengthen Love, making space for God's fidelity, overcoming fears in true Love, and preparing for our journey as a family - are our heritage; they belong to married couples and those preparing for marriage. These words open up new possibilities and affirm: we can still have faith in marriage, the most beautiful thing God created - introducing the couple to the author of Love and to each other in an utterly unique way.

Release Date: 05/03/2018

Format: Paperback



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