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Around The Table PB - Hurd R. Scott

Around The Table PB - Hurd R. Scott
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Around the Table tells the unique and imaginative stories of fourteen biblical characters who were close to Jesus. As you read, you will begin to better understand the mysteries of the Eucharist in a deeper way through the eyes of Thomas, who was with Jesus as he raised the widow's son at Nain and Lazarus at Bethany. You will explore the Eucharist as a foretaste of heaven alongside Bartholomew in the upper room and the precious gift of forgiveness that the Eucharist brings with Matthew as he first meets Jesus at Capernaum. You will find courage to share the Good News in the powerful story of Mary Magdalene's crushing sorrow and exuberant joy at the death and resurrection of Jesus. In addition to these scripture-inspired stories, Hurd provides you with tools to guide your reading. In each chapter, you'll take the place of a specific friend, follower, or family member of Jesus in order to know him better, contemplate scripture, and deepen your understanding of the Eucharistic mystery we celebrate today.

Release Date: 02/12/2016

Format: Paperback



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