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Beginning With Christ PB - Mathews-Younes Anne

Beginning With Christ PB - Mathews-Younes Anne
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Forward by Adam Hamilton. How could a man from the 20th century have insight into the 21st century? How can the Bible, a book, written over time centuries ago still be transforming lives today? Because God uses the writers to bring The Message and one of those writers is E. Stanley Jones. For Jones everything centered on Jesus is Lord. It shaped his extensive career as a missionary evangelist. While everything began with Christ there was evolution to his message. In this book, complied by his granddaughter Anne Mathews-Younes, that evolution is organized by themes he returned to throughout his lifetime of writing devotional material: not only belief, surrender, maturity, wholeness, transformation, character, forgiveness, prayer, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, love; but also race relations, ecumenical cooperation, women, youth, war and peace, mental health, and many more. Selections from the devotional writings appear in this book organized by theme and arranged chronologically as he wrote them. You can recognize how his own spiritual journey progressed over time, how well he was able to understand human experience, and why he was able to develop such a mutually beneficial rapport with the people of India regardless of caste. These themes are timeless, and in some ways the church is still catching up with E. Stanley Jones. He has been an inspiration to many, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Graham, and Adam Hamilton. If you are new to E. Stanley Jones, you will become a fan; if you are a preacher or speaker, you will find material to quote from; if you are already a reader, you will appreciate these selections as you read them again in light of more recent individual and collective experiences.

Release Date: 25/06/2018

Format: Paperback



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