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Being Mindful Being Christian PB - Joanna Collicutt

Being Mindful Being Christian PB - Joanna Collicutt
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Given the rapid spread of mindfulness programmes for issues as wide-ranging as depression, pain, employee engagement and character development, this book is aimed at the numerous Christians who are wondering what to make of all this.

Ultimately, it will allow questioning Christians to get to grips with mindfulness in a way that is both discerning and sympathetic. By offering background information about “being mindful” the book will allow readers to disconnect mindfulness from the background of Buddhism in which it is frequently framed. This then allows them to decide the extent to which they wish to learn and practice mindfulness without feeling the need to embrace Eastern philosophy in its entirety. In addition, by profiling the rich Christian tradition of mindful-like practice, it offers a distinctively Jesus-centred approach to non-judgemental awareness, and then applies this beneficially to many different areas of faith.

On putting the book down the reader will be encouraged not to be fearful of the widespread teaching of mindfulness, emboldened to discern the point at which they politely part company with Eastern meditative practices, and equipped to use all that is good in the practice of mindfulness to develop their relationship with Jesus and with others.

Release Date: 23/12/2016

Format: Paperback



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