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Canons Of The Church Of England 7th Edition: Second Supplement

Canons Of The Church Of England 7th Edition: Second Supplement
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The Canons of the Church of England are an essential reference for anyone responsible for the legal aspects of running a church. This Second Supplement to the Seventh Edition of the Canons (2012) contains changes to the Canons approved since the publication of the First Supplement in January 2015.These changes include: Amending Canon 34: Introduces an entirely new Canon intended to enable the Church of England to deal more effectively with safeguarding issues. It also contains changes related to relations with other Churches, the licensing of readers and the admission and licensing of lay workers. Amending Canon 32: Changes to the rules governing the representation of various groups on General Synod. Amending Canon 35: Amends the rules concerning the distribution of Holy Communion.

Please note this supplement consists of loose-leaf, drilled pages designed for insertion into the Seventh Edition Canons binder, and should not be used independently of such.

Release Date: 30/07/2016




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