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Commending The Faith PB - Rosell Garth

Commending The Faith PB - Rosell Garth
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On December 23, 1899, front-page headlines announced the death of renowned preacher Dwight Lyman Moody. A century later his legacy endures, not only in the publishing and educational institutions that bear his name but also in the work of his successors in the field of mass evangelism. Now students of North American religious history, pastors, and lay Christians who revere his memory can get to know him through his own words.

In Commending the Faith: The Preaching of D. L. Moody, church historian Garth Rosell presents a selection of Moody's mass appeal: his sincerity, humility, enthusiasm, generosity, and clarity of focus.

It also shows the quiet power of the heartwarming stories with which he abundantly illustrated his points. Rosell's introduction, specially prepared for this centennial of Moody's death, assesses Moody's historical importance and offers him as an inspiration and a model for Christians today. 'I'm extremely grateful for a book that keeps the sermons of D.L. Moody alive for another generation. They pack as much power in the twenty-first century as they did when Mr. Moody preached them, because each presents the basic gospel, which is the power of God for salvation.' -Luis Palau, International Evangelist

'As we enter a new millennium, one hundred years after the death of D. L. Moody, Garth Rosell has given us a timely wake-up call to heed the message of the Gospel. Moody's voice indeed rings clear and true in these sermons covering the spectrum of the Christian life. Rosell also provides a useful and concise biography for a new generation of readers perhaps not familiar with Moody's contribution to the work of calling lost sinners to Christ.' -Joseph M. Stowell, President, Moody Bible Institute

Release Date: 08/12/2015

Format: Paperback



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