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Faithful Improvisation PB - Alexander Loveday

Faithful Improvisation PB - Alexander Loveday
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Product Code:  9780715147382
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The publication in early 2015 of the Church of England report on senior leadership, together with Lord’s Green report on the nurture of talent, sparked an important debate about the nature of church leadership. Is it shaped principally by the church’s biblical and theological traditions, and can the world of business contribute valuable insights? This significant book includes the full text of the 'Green Report' (published here for the first time) plus a series of reflections by outstanding contributors including: Cally Hammond on Leadership and Ministry in the Apostolic EraThomas Sevile CR on Leadership and the Rule of St BenedictCharlotte Methuen on Leadership at the ReformationDavid Hilborn on Leadership and Fresh ExpressionsKeith Lamdin on Engaging with Leadership Studies…and more.

Release Date: 30/07/2016

Format: Paperback



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