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Favor With Kings PB - Anderson Caleb

Favor With Kings PB - Anderson Caleb
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Product Code:  9781434710413
ISBN/EAN:  9781434710413
Publisher:  DC COOK



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Favor with Kings is a remarkably unique and inspiring look at the ancient Hebrew story of Nehemiah. Author Caleb Anderson takes the story to places it has neverbeen before so that you can go to places you have never gone to before. The world needs you to be you, and to do what only you can do. Don't miss this rarecombination of biblical insight and catalytic personal development. On this journey of finding your distinct part in a bigger story, you'll be guided to

identify your purpose, or dream
develop your passion, or conviction
create your plan of action
empower people to play their role
persevere through inevitable adversity

If you've ever had a dream; if you ve ever felt stuck or restless; if you've ever experienced the discouragement of feeling like you're behind, not good enough, or disqualified; if you've started but lack the courage or conviction to stay the course, then this book is for you. (Includes a reader's guide for group discussion or personal study.)

Release Date: 29/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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