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Fearless PB - Corbitt Sonja

Fearless PB - Corbitt Sonja
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The term 'spiritual warfare' conjures images of heavenly battles between archangels and demons, but Sonja Corbitt insists that there is a realm of spiritual warfare that is more domestic than it is cosmic -- in the trenches of dirty bathrooms, fighting children, irritable spouses, the struggle to stop smoking or overeating, crazy schedules, and overwhelming workloads.
Fearless teaches us how to resist the avalanche of temptations that can threaten us and lead to paralysing anxiety and fear. Through her powerful personal story, Corbitt shows us how to put on the armour of Christ and learn to live fearlessly, love with abandon, and embrace life with confidence. She offers scriptural tools that help us understand and conquer the demons of sin, Satan, self, and sloth. She helps us recognise the methods the devil uses to keep us enslaved and she immerses us in a profound contemplation of love, which is the only possible weapon against the spirit of fear.

Release Date: 31/01/2017

Format: Paperback



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