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Finding The Will Of God (2nd Edition) PB - Waltke Bruce

Finding The Will Of God (2nd Edition) PB - Waltke Bruce
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Product Code:  9780802872678
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Publisher:  EERDMANS


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New edition of a popular, biblically grounded guidebook regarding God's will

To follow Christ means to journey along a way that is distinctively Christian. That journey involves making many personal, sometimes difficult choices. In this acclaimed book Bruce Waltke distills from Scripture a six-point prioritized program to help guide Jesus followers on their step-by-step life journey.

This second edition of Waltke's 'Finding the Will of God' incorporates the best from many books on guidance that have appeared since the first edition came out (2002), and Waltke has added several personal anecdotes to help illustrate the book's teachings. Taking a more moderate course than the first edition with regard to relying on intellect versus emotions to know God's will, the book also now seeks more intentionally to develop the reader's spiritual life so that he or she acquires the desire and the ability to make wise decisions.

Release Date: 01/03/2016

Format: Paperback



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Finding The Will Of God PB - Waltke Bruce

Finding The Will Of God PB - Waltke Bruce

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