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Firebird PB - Mccorkle Brent

Firebird PB - Mccorkle Brent
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Product Code:  9781462745180
ISBN/EAN:  9781462745180



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What if God s love were like the sun, constant and unchanging? What if one day you realized nothing could take that away? Firebird is a bright orange baby oriole who just loves the sunshine. But whenever a storm blows in, he frets and asks Mama why God allows the rain to take the sun away. When Firebird is finally old enough, his mother gently instructs him to fly up through the thunder and lightning to see what s on the other side. It s a rough flight, and just when he s about to give up, Firebird rises above the storm to discover the sun shining where it always had been. God never lets the storm take the sun away. With that truth in his heart, Firebird continues to bask in the sunshine, but just as important, he learns to rejoice in the rain. Firebird is a children s book that parallels the life of Samantha Crawford, a storybook artist in the inspiring film Unconditional who has lost sight of God s love.

Release Date: 01/07/2017

Format: Paperback


Ages: 2 to 6

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