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Five Assumptions About God And Why They Are Wrong PB - Jeff Bogue

Five Assumptions About God And Why They Are Wrong PB - Jeff Bogue
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Product Code:  9781424553082
ISBN/EAN:  9781424553082
Publisher:  BROAD STREET


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The Heart and Mind series is a collection of written works directed toward the heart and mind of the millennial generation.

Who is God? Is He angry and aggressive? Maybe He's just interested in punishing people. Does He care for the weak, sick, and protect children from bad dreams? Or perhaps, He's a genie who gives us everything we want if we believe in Him enough. Does God really hate homosexuals and Muslims? What is God like? How does He view me? What does He want me to do?

To understand the mind of God we must first understand His heart. Suppose God actually loves us and wants what is best for us. How might this affect our understanding of God and our openness to follow Him?

Jesus teaches many hard and sometimes confusing things... in the Heart and Mind series, we're starting by looking at 5 Assumptions About God and Why They Are Wrong. This journey will allow us to put aside our preconceived ideas about God and listen to Jesus' own words as we explore what is actually in the heart and mind of God.

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Format: Paperback



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