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Forgiveness Remembers PB - Farren Paul & Miller Robert

Forgiveness Remembers PB - Farren Paul & Miller Robert
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Product Code:  9781909728677
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Forgive and forget is the mantra. But what if the path to true peace were forgive and remember ? This is the radical and liberating truth shared by two authors who bridge the Catholic Protestant divide. Together they show that true forgiveness lies the other side of grace-filled remembering and not denial-laden forgetting. True forgiveness is seldom the work of a moment. Its path does not run straight and its myriad difficulties can leave us trapped in a circle of hate and despair. Forgiveness Remembers sensitively shows how God s grace can break this circle, and how we can find ourselves caught up in a spiral of hope that leads into the freedom and compassion of God. This book is for anyone who struggles with forgiveness, with a grace that can seem so unfair, but who hopes to know God s grace and to continue the journey into His heart.

Release Date: 21/07/2017

Format: Paperback



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