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Gender Plus PB - Kritzinger Ennrich

Gender Plus PB - Kritzinger Ennrich
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Product Code:  9781910786222
ISBN/EAN:  9781910786222
Publisher:  MALCOLM DOWN



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Gender Plus is the story of South African Ennrich Kritzinger. Growing up in insecurity, without a father's love, suffering sexual abuse at home and then at school, Ennrich fully embraced the gay lifestyle. His search for love was insatiable, but ultimately he felt empty, disappointed, desperate and unfulfilled.

But through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, Ennrich allowed God's unconditional love to permeate and saturate the delicate areas of his gender and sexuality. Today, happily married to Samantha, his passion is to reach people like the 'old him' who are trapped in gender and sexual confusion.This story invites the reader into a radical, loving, life-changing relationship with the heavenly Father. Challenging and inspirational.

Release Date: 24/02/2016

Format: Paperback



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