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Glorious Rememberance PB - Lanning Ray

Glorious Rememberance PB - Lanning Ray
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Product Code:  9781601785626
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Ray B. Lanning provides helpful reflections on the Form for the Administration of the Lordís Supper in the liturgy of the Reformed Churches. Part one is a guide for those preparing to come to the Lordís Table, something for each day of the week prior to the Lordís Day appointed for administration of the Sacrament. Part two further explores the Form in meditations on the purposes for which Christ instituted the Sacrament and the manner of its celebration. These meditations can be read before or after partaking of the Lordís Supper. Appended to this is a study edition of the Form for the Administration of the Lordís Supper. Here is instruction and encouragement as you seek to make ever more diligent use of the ďglorious remembranceĒ of the death of Christ as a means of grace.

Release Date: 31/08/2017

Format: Paperback



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