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Gods Technology DVD - Murray David

Gods Technology DVD - Murray David
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Format: DVD

Release Date: 01/01/2011

We are living in the second decade of the digital revolution, a revolution that is proving even more momentous and world-changing than the Industrial Revolution. The personal computer and the Internet have transformed the way we and our children study, play, socialize, shop, learn, and even apply for jobs. If you are a parent, teacher, or pastor, you probably feel overwhelmed by the size and speed of the changes. There are many wonderful new opportunities, but also many dangers. In Godís Technology, Dr. David Murray presents a Christian response to the digital revolution. After laying the foundation of four biblical principles, he makes the case for disciplined discernment in our use of technology. He then presents a practical seven-step training program to develop disciplined discernment in our children, and he concludes by showing how to apply these seven steps to Facebook use. Godís Technology is ideal for families, schools, and churches that want to train their children to use Godís good gift of technology in a God-glorifying way.

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Release Date: 01/01/2011

Format: DVD



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