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Heart Is A Noisy Room The PB - Boyd-Macmillan Ronald

Heart Is A Noisy Room The PB - Boyd-Macmillan Ronald
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Mindfulness. CBT. Opioids. The world is full of people trying to deal with their inner narratives - whether by stilling, talking back, or numbing.
In this book Dr Ronald Boyd-MacMillan argues that our hearts are noisy rooms full of voices. They can be crushingly negative - telling us we'll never amount to anything. Or they can be positive - and keep us addicted to achievement. We're not mad to have these inner narratives, but we are foolish not to be more aware of them. If we stay oblivious to them, our voices will run our lives. If we stay in their grip, they will ruin our lives. But when we know how to relate to them, our voices become our friends and our guides - so that even in the battleground of life, we can be truly present to ourselves, and become everything we were meant to be.

Release Date: 11/01/2018

Format: Paperback



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