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Immeasurable PB - Jethani Skye

Immeasurable PB - Jethani Skye
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In response to the declining esteem of ministry, some pastors have looked to emulate those who are praised by the culture—business leaders, entertainers, and social activists. This has led to a new understanding of what a minister should be. We’ve turned away from viewing our pastors as shepherds, and now expect them to be celebrities.

Immeasurable will help ministers recognize the cultural forces shaping their view of the calling, and then reimagine what faithful church leaders can look like in the twenty-first century. Through short essays and reflections on aspects of the pastor’s soul or skills, the book will be an encouraging companion to those beginning to explore their calling to ministry, and it will help veteran pastors reframe their vision for their work. It commends the true work of ministry—shepherding, teaching, encouraging—while redefining what we mean by success in ministry. It’s a book church leaders can return to again and again for insight and inspiration.

Release Date: 03/10/2017

Format: Paperback



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