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Interreligious Encounters PB - Amaladoss Michael

Interreligious Encounters PB - Amaladoss Michael
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Product Code:  9781626982215
ISBN/EAN:  9781626982215
Publisher:  ORBIS BOOKS



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This selection of essays by Jesuit theologian Michael Amaladoss brings together important insights on religious diversity in an increasingly globalised world, where religion and religious differences influence individuals and societies in profound ways. Drawing on a particular context in India, the prime example of a multi-religious milieu, Amaladoss's writings are structured around his contention that interreligious dialogue or religious pluralism are not abstracts but can only be discerned in the context of a lived reality of a world of many faiths. Interreligious Encounters considers a broad range of topics, including the challenges of crossing religious borders; the enriching practice of reading the sacred scriptures of religions other than one's own; exploring secular criteria by which to assess the truth claims of religions and approaches to finding good in evil.

Release Date: 30/07/2017

Format: Paperback



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