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Jesus Women PB - Tetley Joy

Jesus Women PB - Tetley Joy
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In all four Gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus, women feature strongly. They have a vital role in his family background and are among his closest friends and followers. They frequently make significant appearances in his one-off encounters. Some are named, many are not, but each has her own part to play in opening up the truth of God. Each of these women points us to Jesus, who is God with us. And Jesus himself uses female characters and imagery to get across the meaning of his life and mission.

These women matter, therefore. In this book, Joy Tetley reflects on each one of them, convinced that they still have much to say, even in this day and age, and to both men and women. Whether they speak verbally or non-verbally, their voices still need to be heard, for they bring messages of hope, encouragement and challenge. They can help us to be confident in God and bold in Godís presence. And as they were their own women, so they can encourage us to come into our own, in relationship with the God who ever seeks to raise us to our full potential.

It is the authorís contention that however many times we turn to look at these women, there will always be something more to discover and take to heart. It is a privilege still to be able to meet them through the imprint they have left on Scripture and we should, indeed, thank God for them.

Release Date: 22/07/2016

Format: Paperback



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