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Just A Bartender PB - Cole Paul Louis

Just A Bartender PB - Cole Paul Louis
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Around 450 BC, Nehemiah served King Artaxerxes in Babylon as the royal cupbearer. Nehemiah was a bartender and a slave. That was his job and his position in life. But it was not his identity. When news arrived that Nehemiah's far away home of Jerusalem lie in ruins, he was heartbroken. But this devastation unleashed one of the most fascinating adventures in history.
Nehemiah was a slave with a dream. His amazing story is one that many men today can relate to when they ask themselves questions like:
Is my current life the limit of what I can do?
Is this really my full capacity?
Could I have a bigger purpose?
Am I locked into this life path when there are other passions that stir me deeply?
The revelations found in Nehemiah's story can set your life on a new path.
Like Nehemiah, when you lean into God, your purpose becomes clearer, your personal narrative becomes more positive, and you develop a greater potential for success.
Any man willing to turn to God can break free. The amazing thing is, when you break free, the people around you will get their chance to be free, too.

Release Date: 02/05/2017

Format: Paperback



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