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Light Of The Last The PB - Black Chuck

Light Of The Last The PB - Black Chuck
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Product Code:  9781601425065
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Drew Carter struggles to understand the escalating battle between the powerful warrior forces that only he can see. When he is offered an opportunity to redeem his misunderstood past by becoming an agent in the CIA, he jumps on it and Validus, the angel protecting Drew, and his hand-picked team of heavenly host find themselves facing impossible odds in their sworn duty.

As the battle in the spiritual realm intensifies, so does Drew's fight to unveil a horrific plot that could destroy the United States. Validus and his men find themselves in a race against time and against the devious plots of his ancient friend-turned-nemesis, Niturni, a powerful demon of cunning skill. As Validus wrestles for the soul of Drew Carter, he finds hope in Sydney Carlyle and her unflinching, steadfast testimony in Drew's life. She seems to be the only one that can reach him, but will it be too late to save the man--and the nation?

Release Date: 30/03/2016

Format: Paperback



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