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Making Marriage Beautiful PB - Greco Dorothy Littell

Making Marriage Beautiful PB - Greco Dorothy Littell
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Product Code:  9781434712226
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Through grounded faith, humour, and disarming candor, Dorothy Greco equips readers to build flourishing, Christ-centered marriages that last a lifetime.

What makes a marriage beautiful? Honesty? Compatibility? Physical and emotional intimacy? All of these are important, but there’s one component that determines the quality and longevity of a marriage more than anything else: a willingness to grow.

Because a wedding joins together two imperfect people, all couples experience disappointment, conflict, and pain. How husbands and wives respond to these challenges determines the kind of people they will become and the kind of marriage they will have.

Making Marriage Beautiful reveals how the pursuit of Christ results in profound transformation for both the individual and the marriage. Rather than offering clichés and formulas, Greco relies on candor, humour, and real life stories to bring encouragement and wisdom to all couples, regardless of whether they have been married four weeks or forty years.

Release Date: 01/02/2018

Format: Paperback



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