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More Than Enough PB - Moses Lee Hull

More Than Enough PB - Moses Lee Hull
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Product Code:  9780664261283
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Ever look around your life and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for everything you have? Sure, nothing is perfect, but if you have a safe place to live, food on the table, and clothes to wear, the reality is that life is pretty good. That’s not true for many people in the world, and you may wonder, “How do we live in a way that honors God and shows gratitude for the good life we are living in the midst of a world full of pain and brokenness?”All our daily choices have an impact on the earth and the people around us: choices about where we shop, what we eat, what we give away.… But can we really do anything to help? Can we find joy in our own lives when there is so much pain in the world? Sorting out the answers gets overwhelming and complicated very quickly.With a blend of practical reflection and insight on topics from guilt to delight, More than Enough goes beyond a call to gratitude and generosity and invites the reader to a new way of life, one that is grounded in the hope and grace of God.

Release Date: 30/10/2016

Format: Paperback



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