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Newton And Polly PB - Jody Hedlund

Newton And Polly PB - Jody Hedlund
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Product Code:  9781601427649
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Acclaimed novelist Jody Hedlund brings the real story of 'Amazing Grace' to page in a thrilling tale of the love story of John Newton and Polly Catlett.

John Newton fell in love with Polly Catlett at first sight. But Polly was unable to return the affections of the rebellious, worldly young man and her father ordered the aimless John away from her. Not long after, John was pressed into serving in the Navy. He saw Polly one last time before leaving England but Polly couldn't
promise any future to him. After four years away, John is called back to England on family matters. But John
was heavily, blindly involved in the slave trade and had no desire to return. John Sr. used his son's undying love for Polly to lure him home. On that treacherous voyage back to England, in the midst of a terrible storm, John finally experienced salvation and began moving towards, eventually, crusading against slavery. Back
at home, John must work hard to convince wise-beyond-her-years Polly Catlett that he is a changed man and worthy of her.

Release Date: 20/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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