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Prosecuting Jesus PB - Osler Mark

Prosecuting Jesus PB - Osler Mark
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Who is Jesus? Christians have been arguing about the answer to that question since there have been Christians, and it seems unlikely that they’re going to agree on an answer anytime soon. Mark Osler, always a bit uncomfortable in church, was never able to find a Jesus that seemed real to him—until he put Jesus on trial.Drawing on his training as a federal prosecutor and professor of law, he and a group of friends staged the trial of Jesus for their church, as though it were happening in the modern American criminal justice system. The event was so powerful that before long Osler received invitations to take it on the road. Each time he served as Christ’s prosecutor, the story of Jesus opened up to him a bit more.Prosecuting Jesus follows Osler in this extraordinary journey of discovering himself by discovering Jesus. Juxtaposing things we rarely put together, like the passion of Christ and our ideas about capital punishment, Osler explores an active engagement between Jesus and our contemporary law and culture.

Release Date: 26/08/2016

Format: Paperback



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