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Psalm 19 PB - Perry T A

Psalm 19 PB - Perry T A
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T. A. Perry divides his book into two main parts, coupling a detailed exegetical analysis of Psalm 19 with a philosophical meditation (from a Jewish perspective) on nature, the law, and the relationship between humanity and the rest of creation. Perry advances the thesis that Psalm 19 presents a vision of “universal unification” for the entire creation, one that is not restricted to Jews but that embraces all people and, indeed, all of nature. Like Genesis 1, Psalm 19 tells a story of the origins, structures, and directions of the universe that God has made and over which he rules — thus providing a paradigmatic statement of monotheism as a religious system. In addition, Psalm 19 invites us to reflect on the tensions inherent in monotheism, especially the struggle between love and justice that we see in Israel’s God.

Release Date: 31/12/2016

Format: Paperback



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