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Reading Paul With The Reformers HB - Chester Stephen J.

Reading Paul With The Reformers HB - Chester Stephen J.
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Product Code:  9780802848369
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In debates surrounding the New Perspective on Paul, the 16th-century Protestant Reformers are often characterised as the apostle's misinterpreters in chief. In this book Stephen Chester challenges that conception with a careful and nuanced reading of the Reformers' Pauline exegesis. Examining the overall contours of early Reformation exegesis of Paul, Chester contrasts the Reformers with their Roman opponents and explores particular contributions made by such key figures as Luther, Melanchthon, and Calvin. He relates their insights to contemporary debates in Pauline theology about justification, union with Christ, and other central themes, arguing that their work remains a significant resource today. Being published in the 500th anniversary year of the Protestant Reformation, Reading Paul with the Reformers reclaims a robust, contemporary understanding of how the Reformers really read Paul.

Release Date: 30/08/2017

Format: Hardback



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