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Refresh PB - Michael Moynagh

Refresh PB - Michael Moynagh
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How to stop going to church and instead be the church.

What Jesus wants for our Christian life isn’t complicated. What if we have it mixed up? What if we got in the way? Jesus called us to be a community and through that community to introduce Him to the world. That doesn’t requires the walls of a church building or any of the other Christian trappings we have in the west.

This short guide serves as a guerilla manual to founding what is known in the United Kingdom as a “fresh expression of church.” In quick, to-the-point chapters it shares what is a fresh expression, how to start one, how to be about making disciples, how to grow mature disciples, how to reproduce your fresh expression, and how to measure fruitfulness.

Meant to be read in under thirty minutes, the concepts of Refresh will fuel a lifetime of inspiration to spread the community of Jesus.

Release Date: 20/05/2016

Format: Paperback



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