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Rudolf Bultmann PB - Ashcraft Morris

Rudolf Bultmann PB - Ashcraft Morris
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How can modern scientific humanity understand the strange religious language of the Bible?
This is one of the questions Rudolf Bultmann (1884–1976) spent his life answering. As a devout Lutheran committed to the Christian faith, Bultmann’s concern was how to make Christianity intelligible in the twentieth century. His concept of demythologising was part of his lifelong attempt to help people “hear” the Christian gospel and respond to it authentically. All of this originated out of a genuine pastoral concern to highlight the nature of New Testament faith.
In this book, Morris Ashcraft provides a concise and reliable guide to Bultmann’s system of thought and his continuing influence.

The Makers of the Modern Theological Mind series remains a must-read for anyone eager to understand these theologians and their impact on today’s church.

Release Date: 30/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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