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Servant Of All PB - Hill Craig C.

Servant Of All PB - Hill Craig C.
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Product Code:  9780802873620
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There exists a deep tension between the biblical view of servant leaders and the status that Christian leaders today often desire and pursue. Many pastors and other church leaders, like it or not, struggle with ambition. In this book Craig Hill shows how the New Testament can help Christian leaders deal with this problem honestly and faithfully. Hill examines such passages as the Christ Hymn in Philippians 2 to show how New Testament authors helped early Christians construct their identity in ways that overturned conventional status structures and hierarchies. Status and ambition, Hill says, are not often addressed forthrightly in the church, as Christians either secretly indulge those impulses or feebly try to quash them. Hill's Servant of All will help Christian leaders reconcile their human aspirations and their spirituality, empowering them to minister with integrity.

Release Date: 30/01/2017

Format: Paperback



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