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Soar PB - Zorro

Soar PB - Zorro
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Product Code:  9781943127238
ISBN/EAN:  9781943127238
Publisher:  EMERGE



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When you think of your life, what are your biggest dreams?

Winning an Academy Award? Discovering a cure for cancer? Flying a fighter jet? Winning an Olympic gold medal? Ultimately doing something significant, meaningful, and lasting?

Your dreams are far more than wishful thinking. As world-renowned musician, master storyteller, and motivational speaker Zoro shows, your dreams are a very special gift from God, designed to help you soar!

In this powerful book, Zoro shares nine vital life principles that will help you unlock your limitless potential and guide you into a life of impact, intention, and adventure regardless of your age or what you've accomplished so far. This book will provide the master keys to accomplishment. Are you ready to be launched into the true success that awaits you?

Release Date: 31/03/2016

Format: Paperback



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