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The Conversationalist PB - Russell Verhey

The Conversationalist PB - Russell Verhey
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Product Code:  9781424552467
ISBN/EAN:  9781424552467
Publisher:  BROAD STREET



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When is the last time you had a catalytic conversation with an employee, a colleague, a friend, or a complete stranger? Is the best you can do just news, weather, and sports? Whether in your workplace, church, local coffee shop, or your home there are people everywhere one conversation away from a life changing decision. The catalyst for friendship is being a witness to such moments. As you mature as a conversationalist your new skills will give you great ability to engage in dialogue and be invited to great levels of friendships along the way.

If you don't have the heart it limits your capacity
If you don't have the questions it limits your access
If you don't have the discipline it limits your engagement

The Conversationalist will help you to develop the heart, ask the questions, and engage your relationships-changing your life and those around you. In an age driven by social media and virtual reality, we need practical tools to help take us relationships to the next level of trust, transparency, and real change for the good. There's an adventure waiting for those willing to step forward courageously as a conversationalist.

Release Date: 01/10/2016

Format: Paperback



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