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The Great Wall Of China And The Salton Sea PB - Rathbun Russell

The Great Wall Of China And The Salton Sea PB - Rathbun Russell
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Product Code:  9780802873651
ISBN/EAN:  9780802873651
Publisher:  EERDMANS



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Format: Paperback

Release Date: 28/02/2017

We’ve been building and making things ever since we stumbled out of Paradise. Some of them are incredible continuations of
God’s creation, while others are simply ambitious catastrophes. We continue making, says Russell Rathbun, but we’ve lost ourselves in the process. So how do we find ourselves again — rebuild our connections to each other, the earth, maybe even God? In search of an answer, Rathbun drives cross-country to the Salton Sea and takes a trip to China’s Great Wall, interspersing his traveling revelations with engaging musings on history, a family secret, the Great Flood and the Tower of Babel, and a host of other subjects that snare his attention. With cheeky wit and sharp insight, Rathbun uncovers a way of
finding ourselves and the deep connections we long for in an increasingly complex world.

Release Date: 28/02/2017

Format: Paperback



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