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The Invisible Bestseller HB - Briggs Kenneth A.

The Invisible Bestseller HB - Briggs Kenneth A.
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Product Code:  9780802869135
ISBN/EAN:  9780802869135
Publisher:  EERDMANS




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The Bible has long held an honoured place in American culture, having shaped the contours of American society and politics but not anymore. Though the Bible may remain the bestselling book of all time, today fewer Americans than ever know or care what it says.
In Searching for the Bible in America veteran religion writer Kenneth Briggs takes readers on a personal quest through a broad cross-section of American life from television preachers to Family Christian Stores, from the Society of Biblical Literature to the kitchen tables of everyday families as he seeks to understand how the Bible is actually read and used today. He investigates the factors behind its relative disappearance from public life and looks at how its remaining advocates are striving to restore its influence. Although the Bible's long decline may seem obvious to even casual observers, Briggs's engaging account sheds new light on why and how this shift has taken place and where we may be headed next.

Release Date: 31/10/2016

Format: Hardback



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