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The Naked God PB - Strudwick Vincent

The Naked God PB - Strudwick Vincent
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The Naked God grew, in part, out of the discussions had over four years with a group of people who responded to a notice Vincent Struwick placed in his local parish newsletter in rural Buckinghamshire in 2010. It was an invitation to wrestle with God by which he meant teasing out the joy and sorrows of what it means to be human. The book reflects on those conversations with people who had lost faith, never had it, were angered or disappointed in the experience of church, or were just in search of spiritual meaning. It aims to speak into a context in which the majority of the population is estranged from belief as taught by the Church, and yet they still wish to wrestle with the ultimate questions.

This book will look at eight key themes:
- The Meaning of Faith
- The Naked God: not an entity but ‘being’ itself
- Understanding ‘church’ with a ‘Naked’ God
- In what sense is the Bible the ‘Word of God ?
- God, the Church, and change
- The Journey inwards: how may we understand ‘spirituality’ ?
- Change in the church today: why ? how ? who for ?
- The church in the public global square

Includes a Foreword by Richard Harries.

Release Date: 26/01/2017

Format: Paperback



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