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The Paradox Of Holiness With Faith In Search Of Obedience HB - Bloesch Donald G.

The Paradox Of Holiness With Faith In Search Of Obedience HB - Bloesch Donald G.
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Two previously unpublished works by a preeminent theologian of the twentieth century. The Paradox of Holiness and Faith in Search of Obedience are two books by Donald G. Bloesch that characterise American theology.

The Paradox of Holiness: “This is a book of devotion as well as theology,” writes Donald Bloesch. “It is a venture into the theology of the spiritual life, which flows out of a theology of the Word of God. We need to rediscover the paradox that only those who believe can become holy, but only those who make progress in holiness can believe in the giver and author of holiness—our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Faith in Search of Obedience: This is Donald Bloesch’s “spiritual autobiography” and his final work. “My theology is based on a faith in search of obedience,” he writes. “While we are justified by faith alone, faith does not remain alone but drives us to obey the law of God in its unity with the gospel. We are converted when we are awakened to faith, but this conversion must continue as we labour to realise the demands of faith in daily life. As Christians we are called not only to articulate the faith but also to remain true to the faith on our earthly sojourn. The Christian life might be depicted as a pilgrimage of faith that is never completed
while we are still in mortal flesh. Yet I contend that through the Spirit we can make real progress in the faith toward its transcendent goal—the perfection of love.”

Release Date: 30/09/2016

Format: Hardback



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