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The Praxis PB - Michael Pears | Paul Cloke

The Praxis PB - Michael Pears | Paul Cloke
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Product Code:  9781842279106
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The second book in the series focuses on participation and practice, and
discusses a range of ways in which Kingdom-centred mission can be
embedded in the actually existing realms of activity and need in marginal
places. The book explores five different realms of practice, each presenting
opportunities for innovative expressions of incarnational attentiveness to
marginalized communities and people. It seeks to inspire prayerful and
discerning activity that tunes into what Jesus is doing in local places,
rather than providing any kind of 'off-the-shelf' checklist of prefigured
mission tactics. It challenges readers to take their faith-praxis beyond
orthodox congregational settings and out into the everyday realms of life
in marginal places.

Release Date: 01/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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