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Together At The Table PB - Hillary Manton Lodge

Together At The Table PB - Hillary Manton Lodge
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Product Code:  9780307731791
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As book three in the Two Blue Doors series opens, it is six months later, Juliette and Adrian are still together, largely because they keep each other company and are so much in each other's worlds. But as Gabrielle suffers yet another health setback, Juliette worries about her mother's future and the idea of life without her mother. Juliette knows in her heart that she's still hung up on Neil, or at least the idea of him and is surprised to learn he is temporarily living in Portland. With Neil's encouragement, Juliette and her sisters decide to take their mother back to Paris for a last visit to the family chateau. Once there they discover the rest of Gran-mere's story from Cecile, who remembers Gabriel. Cecile reveals where Gabriel is buried in the woods near the Chateau, and they visit his grave. Back in Portland, Juliette and Neil reconcile as she examines what the future holds for her life working with food.
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Release Date: 03/06/2016

Format: Paperback



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