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Transformed PB - Joe Pellegrino

Transformed PB - Joe Pellegrino
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Product Code:  9781424552672
ISBN/EAN:  9781424552672
Publisher:  BROAD STREET


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You can be TRANSFORMED today. Men are wired to move forward, fix things, to conquer! The stronger you are, the more you will live and achieve!

All men must ask themselves two questions:
1. What foundation am I building my life on?
2. What is my game plan to win in life and build my legacy?

Transformed begins by talking about building the strongest foundation possible. Whether building a house
or stronger muscles, it requires time, energy and a plan. Transformed then gives a 7-step game plan to win in life and to build a strong legacy for generations to come.

The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man:
PRAYER maintains relationship with God
PERSONA or who we really are is discovered through relationship
PURITY maintains unbroken relationship with God as our leader
PURPOSE is experienced under God's leadership
PRIORITIES bring focus to actually live our purpose
PERSEVERENCE lets us live our priorities to achieve purpose
POWER is released as the result of the first 6 pillars

Release Date: 01/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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