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Travelling Solo PB - Jo Cundy

Travelling Solo PB - Jo Cundy
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This book celebrates a God who does not let the grass grow under our feet, who can still provide plenty of challenges in life and open new doors into unexpected projects and ventures – even when the starting point is an unexpected bereavement. Going beyond simply addressing bereavement, this book walks the reader through the first steps of travelling through life alone.

It is both anecdotal and reflective. In part it focuses on some of the author’s various travels as a vehicle for personal discovery, and with this there is a wider range of reflections on different aspects of learning to flourish on one's own.

Jo writes: “This book draws on my journal writings and my reflections and is themed around the things that I have learned in the last few years of learning to 'travel solo', and my experiences of doing quite a lot of travelling both at home and abroad. So I have found the metaphor of 'journeying' to be a useful peg on which to hang this 'story', and it is anecdotal with theological reflections. Various new doors and opportunities have opened up to me, and by sharing them I hope that other people in similar situations will be encouraged to recognise, appreciate and grasp the opportunities that are on offer in their lives. It is an assertion that God does not abandon us, but remains as active in our lives as we allow him to be.”

Release Date: 20/10/2017

Format: Paperback



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