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Unashamed (Pack Of 25) PB - Davis Nelson Heather

Unashamed (Pack Of 25) PB - Davis Nelson Heather
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Product Code:  9781682163474
ISBN/EAN:  9781682163474



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The battle against shame is definitively won through the gospel of Jesus and his victory over sin and death--the freedom that follows Christ's victory arrives through something as simple and as hard as faith.

This type of faith agrees you cannot rescue yourself from your shame, that your attempts to clothe yourself have been as futile as the fig-leaf loin cloths our first parents in Adam and Eve crafted. It's a faith that addresses the complication of shame mingled with guilt. This faith gives you an underlying confidence that your sin has truly been atoned for and taken away by a dying-now-resurrected Savior.

By faith, we know that there will be no more mourning or tears or death in the life to come. We look back to the Garden of Eden to see that there was no shame before sin.

Unashamed. It's where we began, and it's our destiny as the redeemed ones in Christ. The Christian's ultimate hope for shame is that we will be clothed in the honor of Jesus Christ when we stand before God in all his glory.

Release Date: 30/04/2017

Format: Paperback



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