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Under The Cover Of Light HB - Avriett Carole Engle

Under The Cover Of Light HB - Avriett Carole Engle
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Product Code:  9781496421562
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In 1965, Col. Thomas "Jerry" Curtis's helicopter was shot down over North Vietnam. He was immediately captured and spent 71/2 years confined in a filthy 5' x 7' cell at the notorious Hanoi prison camp.

Thousands of miles from home and unable to communicate with his wife and children, Jerry endured months of solitary confinement, suffocating heat, freezing cold, grueling physical and psychological torture, constant hunger, and unimaginable mental duress. And yet, time and again, the Light that darkness cannot overcome became his beacon of hope. Now, for the first time in print, Jerry shares the full story of his 2,703 days in captivity and what he learned about faith, hope, and the indomitable power of the human spirit.

Release Date: 09/05/2017

Format: Hardback



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