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What Is Christianity? PB - Doyle Dennis M.

What Is Christianity? PB - Doyle Dennis M.
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This introduction to Christianity is designed for use as a basic text to help provide structure, background, and perspective for a first year college course in Theology or Religious Studies. It strives to be ecumenical in approach, though not without some impact from the authorís being a Roman Catholic.
The text is organised around the categories of scripture, tradition, sacraments, and Christian life. Christian theology, presented both affirmatively and critically, stands at the centre of an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon philosophical, historical, and social scientific perspectives.
The author pays serious attention to the inclusion of various peoples and points of view. Religious pluralism, globalisation, engagement with the modern world, reason and faith, iconoclasm and sacramentality, and spirituality and religion are among the contemporary themes that run throughout the text.

Release Date: 31/12/2016

Format: Paperback



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