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Why Faith? PB - Emerson Matt

Why Faith? PB - Emerson Matt
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Why Faith?: A Journey of Discovery for the Modern Pilgrim tries to help men and women, particularly young adults formed by the modern world, work through some of the big questions and topics in faith that in the author's experience are especially pressing. It tries to meet someone in the midst of his or her confusions and struggles, rather than presupposing deep theological interest or knowledge. It addresses some specific theological matters (e.g., ďHow do I know Godís will?Ē) but it also addresses matters that are more philosophical or preliminary, for example: Why should I have faith at all? What is the basis for entrusting ourselves to something we cannot verify with certainty? Highlights: ∑ It focuses on questions and the doubts of modern believers ∑ It is grounded in the context of the 21st century; all the influences and distractions of the modern world, the allure of science, the rise of the New Atheists, etc. ∑ It is not a work of apologetics or a general introduction, but itís more of a series of reflections that will help people better understand the Catholic, Christian faith ∑ It doesnít presuppose theological knowledge; itís written for the average layperson, not an expert or a student of theology ∑ Itís accessible, and the chapters are short enough for dwindling attention spans.

Release Date: 03/06/2016

Format: Paperback



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