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Widows Might PB - Kim Knight

Widows Might PB - Kim Knight
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Product Code:  9781424551118
ISBN/EAN:  9781424551118
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What happens when your husband dies unexpectedly in the prime of your life and marriage?

In Widow's Might, Kim Knight shares when her husband suddenly and unexpectedly died at fifty-six years old. In one day Kim went from planning her future with her best friend to planning a funeral, searching for passwords to online accounts, trying to return to normal when things are normal anymore, and finding God in
the middle of trauma and grief.

Widow's Might is for young or middle-aged widows and those who love them. It help those who've experienced a tragic loss to better understand the confusing, unpredictable road of grief as well as the challenges and promise of new growth.

Learning to embrace a life different from the one you imagined isn't something you're going to master by the end of year one, when your family and friends think you should, or when you hope you might. You can deeply embrace and honour your marriage to your late spouse and still find contentment, happiness, and maybe even love in days ahead.

Widow's Might will give you the strength and wisdom to discover new life on the other side of death. Look toward what God has in store for you. And-every once in a while-spend the day in your pajamas and eat popcorn for dinner. It's okay.

Release Date: 01/09/2016

Format: Paperback



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