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Wounds Are Where Light Enters PB - Wangerin Jr. Walter

Wounds Are Where Light Enters PB - Wangerin Jr. Walter
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Product Code:  9780310240051
ISBN/EAN:  9780310240051
Publisher:  ZONDERVAN



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Many know the acclaimed author Walter Wangerin Jr., the storyteller who gave us the national bestseller The Book of the Dun Cow.
In Wounds Are Where Light Enters, youíll see how Godís love breaks into our lonely moments in unexplainable ways. Wangerin tells the stories of memorable characters facing the same struggles we all face as we try to trust in Godís faithfulness.
Wounds Are Where Light Enters is a collection of stories that are warm, sometimes funny, sometimes not, but always taking unexpected turns to find the care of God in all the pathways of life. In them we find the grace that enables us to live with the answers we see and the answers we donít see. In this collection we meet Arthur Bias, the retired black police officer who loves those who hate; Agnes Brill, the shrill piano teacher of patience; Junie Piper, precious of the homeless; Melvin, who honors his aging mother by honoring the little girl she has become; Lucian, the lover of thieves; and Blue Jack, the hammer of God.
Readers will discover in these stories a powerful display of Godís working in the lives of all of us. Theyíll find a place where he works even in the dark, even in the struggles, even in the wounds. This is the place where Godís light enters.

Release Date: 28/12/2017

Format: Paperback



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